Required Things

This article describes what do you need to install sonolus.

Smartphone or Tablet (Android / iOS)

Sonolus supports both of iOS and Android! You can play sonolus in any devices you like!
Sonolus keeps the features lightweight, and it also works on old devices!

Internet (on first load)

Sonolus does not include any charts or game engines. It download charts or game files when tap "play". (in short, it is on-demand based) If you want to play charts in offline, you can use collection feature!

Free space (as much as possible)

Sonolus download and saves the game data as cache in your device. So, you don't need much space if you just play only 1 chart. When you play only 1 chart, you need  30MB(app)   10MB(chart) = At least 40MB free space is required. But, we recommend 500MB free space for play without waiting long time.

Now you learned what things are required to install sonolus.
Next page describes how to install sonolus.
The guide depends on which system you are using, so please choose your device.