Add a server

In this article, describes about how to add server to Sonolus.

Open server add screen

After open a app and tap, you'll see this screen.
Select Start button at this screen.

Then you see server selection screen.
Sonolus is a platform and you can't anything without add a server first.
(Like smartphones needs to download app)
Please select Add button under the custom server title.

FYI: The collection feature is for offline play and you need to download or import from server or scp file before use.

Add server

You get server info input screen. Server name is your choice. (It is nickname. You can input fanmade pjsekai or potato or anyhing you like.)

Server address input is for a address of server. You can copy our server address with tapping button below. Plz tap the button first. (We made this since everyone input wrong address. Please check the address is same before ask us.) After you paste server address, tap confirm button.


After you add, you'll back to server selection screen.
Here you'll see the server you added.

Now you are ready to play sonolus!
With this, you done all (minimum) settings to play.
After you select the server and select a chart, you can start playing!

If you actually didn't installed sonolus and need more info,
We have screenshots on a different page.

These are many optional settings.
If you have interested in change them, go to the page from below buttons.