Required Things

This article is about what you need to make custom charts.

PC with Windows OS

Unfortunately, you can’t make charts on a smartphone or a tablet at the moment.

We are using Ched, a charts editor for Chunithm Simulator.

Ched is a software for Windows, so you need a Windows PC.

Song Files

Music is necessary for rythm games.

You can’t enjoy rythm games without music.

File Formats

Sweet Potato supports only MP3 files.

You are free to make a song short or long, however I reccomend you to keep the lengh of a song about 2 minutes.


You need jackets to enable everyone to find your charts easily.

File Formats

SweetPotato suppors only JPG files. You should use an image whose ratio is 1:1.

Resolution of an image is not specified.


It takes your energy and time to make charts.

It is natural that it takes some hours to do that.

Licenses of songs and jackets

You can’t use others’ works without any permissions. Use free resources or your works.

Next article is about procedure of creating charts.