This page explains words used in this wiki.



Our dev-team name

It was named from PJSekai's team name "ColorfulPalette" plus purple from "紫式部"(The author of "Genji Monogatari" in history, but in this wiki it is a hndle name of the Server Engineer+top of PurplePalette).


It is the name of the service accessable from sonolus, and website

It named from the color of sweet potatoes.


Username and Youtube channel name. (He is the top of PurplePalette org)


Discord server name.

It was named from the engineer of the server, 紫式部.

Orthographical variants

chart / level / map / score / 譜面

All words means "charts". They called with different word in different games. (like ガチャ vs ガシャ in japan games) At Sonolus, Level is official name to a chart.

PJSekai / ProjectSekai / プロセカ

All words meaning project sekai. In sonolus contents they named PJSekai, and this wiki uses PJsekai. (No one saids colorful stage for unknown reason.)

Level related words

sus file

Chart file format. It named from Sliding Universial Score file You may think it is acronym of suspicious file, but it's not.

Sonolus related words


Game engine data
The processing and caluculation of the gameis written.


Level data
This word also includes music file.


Skin data
The bundle of imags that makes the looks of the engine.


Background image

The image that is shown as a background


Particle data
The particles that come out when you tap the notes.


Sound effects data
The sound effects of the notes.Sound effects was shorterned to SFX.