The Essentials of making charts

This is a list of advice when making charts.べし。

Understanding completely leads you to success!べし。

There is no right or wrong in making charts.

Even though we give advice, your original (or even chaos!) ideas make fanmade charts interesting for everyone!

Don't stick to this how-to guide; do anything you want to do!


At this page, we will show you how you can make charts that attract everyone's eyes.

1.General Advice

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・Look carefully at PJSekai official charts

The official charts by PJSekai are the best.

Look at it carefully by playing it, or using the Auto mode.

By comparing official PJSekai and your charts, you'll probably find what to improve.

・Taking rhythm

When you place notes on charts matching the rhythm of the song (called "taking rhythm"), always consider how it sounds with the song, as placing notes is the same as adding a new sound.

Generally, it sounds good when you place critical notes or flick notes on a large sound of the song.

As Critical notes (excluding critical long notes) and flick notes have a large sound, you can make a rhythmic chart by placing it on the 1st or 3rd beat in a measure. (By chart creator jch

2.Advices about charts by difficulty

This section shows you advice on how to make charts by difficulty.

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