This page is a list of URLs related to PurplePalette and Sonolus! If you've forgotten some links, have a read!

Sweet Potato (For Uploading Charts)

You can see a list of charts made by others here! You can upload your chart too!
(Instructions on how to upload is on
Create charts→Upload Charts→Log-in to website)

Sweet Potato (Only for Sonolus)

This is the link you need to paste to Sonolus to play the Fanmade charts. Nothing will be shown even if you access it from internet browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.),and this is normal.

UpTimeRobot (Server monitoring the PurplePalette Server)

This is a server monitoring the PurplePalette and Sonolus servers. It shows if it is active or not. Firebase(FrontEnd) shows if the sweet potato website (the site for uploading charts) is active or not; Sonolus(Backend)shows if the servers for Sonolus is active or not. Green marks represent that the servers are active.

Murasaki Discord Community

It's a community for talking about anything related to PurplePalette or PJSekai。There are more than 1,200 people now, but we're still inviting more! It's OK if you don't speak; just join us! There are sleds in English and Chinese too!