Chart Restrictions

This article describes the constraints on Ched and what notes you can use.


Ched is based on the specification of Seaurchin, a Chunithm simulator.

PJSekai Engine on Sonolus works differently from Seurchin.

Because of that, you have to know what differences there are on Ched.

Unavailable Funtion

Adjusting Offset

You can't set up the song 's offset on Ched.

Edit the song or use BPM function on Ched to adjust the song and your chart.

Unavailable Lanes

You see 16 lanes on Ched, but use only middle 12 lanes.

Don't put notes on each 2 left and right lanes.

Unavailable Notes

You can't use HOLDs, AIR-ACTIONs and DAMAGEs.

You can only use TAPs, ExTAPs, SLIDEs, SLIDE(中継点)s, AIRs and FLICKs.

Also, you can't use an AIR and a FLICK alone.

You can only use FLICKs when you make curves.

FLICKs in Ched are not same as Flick notes in Project Sekai.

If you want to put PJSekai's Flick notes, put a TAP and put an AIR on it.

*中継点 means relay points.

The List of Notes

Tap notes and Critical Tap ones

TAPs and ExTAPs will be Tap notes and Critiacl Tap ones.

Flick notes and Critical Flick ones

TAPs and ExTAPs with AIRs will get Flick notes and Critical Flick ones.

Long notes

SLIDEs will be Long notes.

If you stack an ExTAP on the start point of the SLIDE, it will get a Critical Slide ones.

Long notes with Flick ones

Put an AIR on the end point of the SLIDE, and it will be a Long note with a Flick one.

Also, stack an ExTAP on the end point or the start one of the SLIDE, and it will be a Long note with a Critical Flick one.

Relay points of long notes

If you want to change the directions of Long notes, put relay points on them.

To put visible relay points, click SLIDEs with selecting SLIDE(中継点).

To add invisible relay points, select SLIDE and do the same as last time.

Curves of long notes

To make curves, put a Swing down AIR on the start point or the middle one of the SLIDE.

The details about curves are written in the article below.

The image of all notes