How sonolus works

At here, We tell you what is sonolus and how it working.

What is sonolus?

Sonolus is new game platform app, mainly focus on rhythm games.
Anyone can develop and provide own rhythm game engine, and every resources for sonolus.

What does PurplePalette do?

We only providing custom charts server, websites and community.
Main contents are from NonSpicyBurrito and we didn't make them.
So if you have ask about pjsekai-engine to us, we can't answer it.
Plz check below sheet before asking!


Sonolus → NonSpicyBurrito
PJSekaiEngine → NonSpicyBurrito
Resources for PJSekaiEngine → NonSpicyBurrito
PJSekai official charts server → NonSpicyBurrito
PJSekai fanmade charts server → PurplePalette
Videos from 紫式部 channel → PurplePalette
Wiki → PurplePalette

Now you learned how Sonolus and PurplePalette related.
We explain our discord community at next page.