Create Chart

This article is about softwares that can be used to to create charts and restrictions of charts.

Chart Restrictions

There are some differences between Chunithm and Project Sekai.

Your charts won’t work correctly if you just followed descriptions of charts editor.

Read an article below thoroughly and learn the differences.

Rules of Charts Editor

This article is about things that you must care about when you make charts for PJSekai Engine.
Be sure to read this article.

Chart Editors

We are using a chart editor for a Chunithm simulator to make charts that works on PJSekai Engine.

You can use two charts editors, Ched and M4ple.

*There are some unavaile functions of chart editors.

Ched (Recommended)

The chart editor made by ParallelTree for Seaurchin, a Chunithm simulator.

M4ple (Not Recommend)

The chart editor made by TinyTany for Seaurchin, a Chunithm simulator.

It doesn't have a preview function and PJSekai Engine doesn't support bezier curves of HOLD notes, so we won't explain about this software.

Use M4ple if you are used to it.

Other Editors (Under Development)

Developers are making chart editors for only Project Sekai simulator, but not released yet. You can try using them.

  • Fannithm Editor made by QingFu (Preview)

  • PaletteWorks Editor made by mkpoli (not published)